Pour-N-Restore, 1 Gallon

Pour-N-Restore, 1 Gallon
Pour-N-Restore, 1 Gallon Detail

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Pour-N-Restore, 1 Gallon Description

Pour N Restore is an easy to use, environmentally friendly, biodegradable phosphate free oil stain remover that penetrates deep into the concrete and removes oil without scrubbing. Pour N Restore oil stain remover requires no rinsing. Once Pour N Restore dries to a powder simply sweep it up. As Pour N Restore dries it draws the oil out from deep within the concrete. This is especially helpful in promoting good adhesion of garage floor coatings. Coverage is about 24 Sq. Ft. per gallon. Ol…

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Pour-N-Restore, 1 Gallon

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